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Clarissa And Jacob Dries

Clarissa And Jacob Dries

How el Mero came to be...

el Mero Taco was imagined into reality in Memphis, Tennessee by Clarissa and Jacob Dries. The two met at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX where the couple learned they shared an affinity for community, family and food.

At Le Cordon Bleu, the two discovered they shared a common goal of having a family owned restaurant. Jacob was keeping up with the news in Memphis while they were in Austin when he learned that laws were passed allowing Memphis to finally have food trucks. 

While growing up geographically far away from one another, their paths were quite similar. Clarissa was raised in Oaxaca, Mexico where she helped her family run their restaurants. Jacob grew up cooking in the kitchen with his grandmother and, at age 15, found himself working the front of the house of a restaurant but could feel the undeniable draw to the kitchen. 

To them, the food truck was the perfect idea; it could serve as a place to have fun with their accrued knowledge and pique the interest of curious palates.  Their food is not only how they were raised but also where they want to go in the world. It’s Mexican and it’s southern but it’s also a piquant melange from around the world.